Pfaff Hydraulic car jacks HWK 2K – 2KS – KS PROLINE

Hydraulic car jack

– with 2 pistons, model HWH 2K PROLINE

– with 2 pistons and spindlel, model HWH 2KS PROLINE

– with piston and spindle, model HWH KS PROLINE

Capacity 2 – 30 t

For lifting vehicles on one side (the lifted load must be se-cured mechanically with supporting stands, for example).


  • Versions with hydraulic piston and mechanical spindle drive resp. with 2 hydraulic pistons.
  • With carrying bracket from load capacity 20 t.
  • Extremely low design with model HWH 2K/D (incl. 1 pressure section for lift extension).
  • With integrated pressure control valve for a longer service life of the jack.
  • Integrated seat valve for controlled lowering of the load.

Technical data Pfaff Hydraulic car jacks HWH 2K PROLINE & HWH 2KS PROLINE:

HWH 2K 3,0 *0175073000 4.87
HWH 2K 5,0 *0175695000 6.3
HWH 2KS 10,0*01778110000 8.8
HWH 2KS 12,0*01785912000 11.0
HWH 2K NB 10,0 2*01782810000 7.9
HWH 2K/D 10,0 1*01779810000 6.5

1horizontal pump unit
2with replaceable pressure section (height 45 mm)

Technical data Pfaff Hydraulic car jacks HWH KS PROLINE:

HWH KS 2,0*01843620002.9
HWH KS 3,5*01853535002.9
HWH KS 5,0*01728650003.9
HWH KS 8,0*01729380005.7
HWH KS 10,0*017316100005.7
HWH KS 12,0*017323120007.1
HWH KS 15,0*017354150008.3
HWH KS 20,0*0175212000010.7
HWH KS 25,0*0177432500013.1
HWH KS 30,0*0177743000014.5

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