Pfaff Supporting stand UB

Capacity 2 – 12 t

For mechanical support of lifted loads and for jacking-up loads which must be held for a long period of time.


  • Stamp with 6 height adjustments, locking with pin and cotter pin. For capacities above 12 t adjustment through threaded spindle.
  • High level of stability.

Technical data Pfaff Supporting stand UB:

ModelEAN-No.CapacityHeight min.Height max.Height adjustmentRaster pointsSpread angleWeight
UB 2 H*022437200043074031063 x 120°5.8
UB 3*022444300031554022563 x 120°3.9
UB 5*022451500036560524063 x 120°6.5
UB 8*022468800037060023063 x 120°9.7
UB 8 H*022475800055097042063 x 120°13.8
UB 12 S*02248212000320500180spindle3 x 120°11.6
UB 12 HS*02249912000475725250spindle3 x 120°15.0

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