Yale Ratchet lashing ZGR-50-2000

Made from polyester (PES), EN 12195-2

50 mm – lashing capacity LC 2000 daN.


  • Standard tension force STF 300 daN at standard hand force SHF 50 daN.
    • Standard lenghts 8 m and 10 m.


Other end fittings (hooks) and individual prints on webbing are available on request.
Other lengths on request.


Technical data Yale Ratchet lashing ZGR-50-2000:

VersionPermissible ratchet force LCWebbing widthWebbing length
ZGR-50-2000-1N34199999-1661 piece2000506000
ZGR-50-2000-1N341020801 piece2000508000
ZGR-50-2000-1N341020101 piece20005010000
ZGR-50-2000-2-GKHN342020802 part - with snap hook2000508000
ZGR-50-2000-2-GKHN342020102 part - with snap hook20005010000
ZGR-50-2000-2-KLHN343020802 part - with chassis hook2000508000
ZGR-50-2000-2-KLHN343020102 part - with chassis hook20005010000
ZGR-50-2000-FE-KLHN34302005Fixed end with ratchet200050400
ZGR-50-2000-2-SPHN34799999-2482 part - with claw hook2000506000
ZGR-50-2000-2-SPHN347020802 part - with claw hook2000508000
ZGR-50-2000-2-SPHN347020102 part - with claw hook20005010000
ZGR-50-2000-FE-SPHN34702005Fixed end with ratchet200050400

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