Pfaff Manual drive stacker with electric-hydraulic lift EHH PSE

Capacity 1000 kg,

fork height max. 3000 mm

Suitable for occasional applications of stacking and transporting palletized loads, also for use in confined areas and for short distances.


  • Good maneuverability and easy handling due to positive steering of the unit.
  • Compact electric-hydraulic lifting device and overload protection.
  • Finely metered lowering of load through pressure relief valve and adjustable lowering valve.
  • Retention by parking brake.
  • Robust frame with two load and two steer rollers.
  • The maintenance free battery can be charged at any 230 V plug socket..

Scope of delivery

  • Battery and battery charger included.

Technical data Pfaff Manual drive stacker with electric-hydraulic lift EHH PSE:

ModelEHH PSE 1016EHH PSE 1025EHH PSE 1030
Art.-No. 040050660040050661040050662
Capacity, kg100010001000
Load centre c, mm600600600
Wheelbase y, mm116011601160
Weight, kg395455475
Steering rollers, mm180 x 50180 x 50180 x 50
Load rollers, mm74 x 7074 x 7074 x 70
Number of wheels / load rollers2/42/42/4
Height, mast extended h1, mm198018302080
Free lift h2, mm1415
Stroke h3, mm151524152915
Height, mast extended h4, mm 203030203515
Lifting height max. h3 + h13, mm160025003000
Fork height lowered h13, mm858585
Overall length L1, mm172017201720
Length incl. apron L2, mm555555555
Overall width B, mm765765765
Fork height s, mm606060
Fork width e, mm180180180
Fork length l, mm 110011001100
Outside dimension of forks b1, mm570570570
Ground clearance m1, mm252525
Aisle width pallet Ast, mm214521452145
Turning circle Wa, mm128012801280
Lifting speed with / without laod, m/s 0.08/0.130.08/0.130.08/0.13
Lowering speed with / without load m/s0.42/0.190.42/0.190.42/0.19
Hoist motor rating, kW
Battery according to DIN 43531 semi traction batterysemi traction batterysemi traction battery
Battery charger, V/A 12/20 A12/20 A12/20 A
Battery voltage, capacity, V/Ah 12/15012/15012/150

¹ PA … Polyamide, PUR … Polyurethane

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