Steerman® Heavy load moving system LX

Capacity 3 – 12 t

  • These three point loading systems comprise of a steerable front and a pair of adjustable rear skates.
  • The heavy load moving systems are supplied ready-to-use.
  • The steerable front skates (LX-6F and LX-12F) are provided with an appropriate towing bar. The rear skates (LX-12R) are identical in construction and are equipped with two adjustable tie rods.
  • The wheels are made of hardwearing nylon.
  • The front and rear skates can accept each 50 % of the total capacity.

Technical data Steerman® Heavy load moving system LX:

CapacityNumber of wheels front skateNumber of wheels rear skateWheels
diameter x width
Load area front skateLoad area rear skateAdjustment range rear skatesHeightWeight
LX-6N136000046.04885 x 90185 x 150300 x 250500 - 140011545.0
LX-12N1360000512.08885 x 90400 x 220300 x 250500 - 140011580.

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