Tigrip® Crane forks TKG vhs

Capacity 200 – 5000 kg

These crane forks are equipped with adjustable tines, height adjustability and an automatic balancing system. Crane forks with automatic balancing* tend to point their tines upward when being transported. This prevents the load from unintentionally slipping off the tines.

The shackle is movable and runs on a track depending on the load. The automatic balancing engages by a pressurized gas spring once the forks are loaded. The load will always be in the center of gravity of the forks, ensuring a safe transport.

* The automatic balancing system requires a minimum load of 20 % of the crane forks‘ working load limit!


  • All crane forks comply with the latest standards and CE-directives.
  • Safety factor 4:1
  • Maintenance-free
  • Highly visible safety colour
  • For the transport of rings or coils, the fork tines are simply pushed together.
  • Easily adjustable tines for all pallet sizes..

Scope of delivery

  • Chain for load securing


For the transport of loads above persons (e.g. on construction sites) appropriate security measures against falling loads or parts must be taken. The load must not exceed the fork length.


Technical data Tigrip® Crane forks TKG vhs:

TKG 1,0 vhs*552233200 - 1000128
TKG 1,5 vhs*551113300 - 1500158
TKG 2,0 vhs*550666400 - 2000203
TKG 3,0 vhs*551090600 - 3000260
TKG 5,0 vhs*5547941000 - 5000413

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