Tigrip® C-Hook TCK

Capacity 500 – 10000 kg

Coils, rolls, rings and similar items are transported safely with the Tigrip C-Hooks. Tine length and usable height with the most frequently encountered coil sizes are listed in the table below.

Other working loads, measurements, and models, such as C-Hooks with automatic balancing device, are available on request.


Illustration shows tines with 4/4 the length of the coil width (special).


Technical data Tigrip® C-Hook TCK:

TCK 0,5/300*55480050021
TCK 0,5/500*55241750030
TCK 0,5/800*55481750046
TCK 1,0/300*554824100028
TCK 1,0/500*554831100040
TCK 1,0/800*552783100095
TCK 2,0/300*554848200045
TCK 2,0/500*551830200090
TCK 2,0/800*5526152000140
TCK 2,0/1000*5524792000180
TCK 3,0/300*554855300068
TCK 3,0/500*5548623000127
TCK 3,0/800*5524313000165
TCK 3,0/1000*5548793000215
TCK 5,0/500*5512985000184
TCK 5,0/800*5548865000238
TCK 5,0/1000*5548935000286
TCK 5,0/1250*5549095000364
TCK 7,5/800*5550437500390
TCK 7,5/1000*5519847500520
TCK 7,5/1250*5518787500650
TCK 7,5/1500*5549167500767
TCK 10,0/1000*55492310000772
TCK 10,0/1250*55167010000810
TCK 10,0/1500*55493010000980

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