Tigrip® Plate clamp with hinged hook ring and safety lock TBS & TBS plus

Capacity 1.000 – 10.000 kg

The TBS plate clamp with hinged hook ring can be used for the safe handling of plates at various angles. It can lift plates from the horizontal and put down in the vertical or alternatively lift it over the edge by gripping it from the side. The hinged hook ring ensures adequate clamping force in every position. Depending on the angle of usage capacity restrictions have to be taken into account, as shown in the diagram below.

The hinged hook ring has the added advantage of providing enough clamping force to hold a plate safely. Even when transporting large-sized plates with the 2-legged lifting system slipping of the load and damage to the clamp is avoided.

In addition to transporting plates, this clamp is suitable for turning steel structures and welded constructions.


The surface hardness of the material must not exceed HRC 30/Brinell 300.
The min. load is 10 % of the nominal WLL!


Technical data Tigrip® Plate clamp with hinged hook ring and safety lock TBS and TBS plus:

ModelEAN-No.CapacityJaw capacity ZWeight
TBS 1,0 plus*52615710000 - 204.6
TBS 2,0 plus*52619520000 - 3214.3
TBS 3,0 plus*52620130000 - 3214.3
TBS 4,5**55035245000 - 5034.4
TBS 6,0 S**55038360000 - 5038.0
TBS 6,0 L**551250600050 - 10042.0
TBS 8,0 S**55257880000 - 5039.0
TBS 8,0 L**557528800050 - 10042.4
TBS 10,0 S**552516100000 - 5068.0
TBS 10,0 L**5575421000050 - 10080.0

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