Yale Universal workshop presses RPY & RPES

Capacity 10 – 200 t

For all repair and assembly jobs.

According to European standards, all Yale workshop presses can be used without any additional protection devices as the piston speed is below 10 mm/sec. For special applications additional safety equipment (e.g. protection grid or two-hand-safety-control) can be offered on request.


  • Pressing and removing of bolts, shafts, bearings.
  • Straightening of beams, profiles, axles, shafts.
  • Forming, bending, crimping.
  • General load tests and tests of weld specimens.
  • Stamping, cutting, punching.
  • Pre-adjustment of tools.


The press head of the 200 t model is fix welded to the press-frame. Workshop presses are delivered ready to use.

Equipment of all presses – Features

  • All workshop presses are ready to use, including hydraulic oil, oil level gauge.
  • High pressure-hydraulic hoses.
  • Glycerine-damped pressure gauges.
  • Fixing holes in base profiles, adjusting device for press table and head, swivelling pump console, conversion chart: Pressure-force etc.

Description of the hydraulic cylinders – Features

  • Cylinders made from chromium-molybdenum steel, heat-treated and with metric mounting threads in the piston.
  • Double bronze bearing of the hard chromium-plated piston.
  • Piston return through spring or hydraulically.
  • Mounting thread in the piston.
  • Available piston strokes from 150 up to 500 mm.

Description of the press-frame – Features

  • Robust, torsion-resistant construction.
  • Solid, precision-welded press-frames.
  • Open construction, easily accessible from all sides.
  • 50 and 100 tons workshop presses with adjustable press table and press head (frames for adjustments are part of the delivery package).
  • 200 t press with adjustable table and fix welded press head.
  • Four locking bolts ensure a precisely aligned press head and press table and increase the stability of the frame (50 and 100 t).
  • 50, 100 and 200 t presses with pivoting pump table with peripheral passage for straigthening of exceptionaly long parts.
  • Modular system: Large variety of combinations of hydraulic cylinders and pumps possible.
  • Drive either by hand or electric hydraulic pumps.

Description of the hand pumps – Features

  • All hand pumps with two-stage displacement.
  • Glycerine-damped pressure gauge, O 63 mm, class 1.6 %.
  • Hydraulic hose, L = 2.0 m with male coupler half.

Description of the hydraulic power packs – Features

  • Longlife radial piston pumps, from 50 t with two-stage displacement.
  • Pressure pre-set valve on request (standard equipment for the solenoid valves).
  • Glycerine-damped pressure gauge, Ø 100 mm, class 1.0 %.
  • Control by manual directional valve (with motor startstop remote control) or solenoid valve with pendant remote control box.
Yale Universal workshop presses RPY & RPES


Technical data Yale Universal workshop presses RPY & RPES:

Type of
Pump model
RPY-1015 M-2*157346bench press10YS-10/150150springmanualmanualHPS-2/0,7 A
RPY-1025 EM-PYE07*250214bench press10YS-10/250250springelectricmanualPYE-07/3/10/3M-RPY
RPY-2316 M-2*157360bench press23YS-23/160160springmanualmanualHPS-2/0,7 A
RPY-2325 M-2*157384bench press23YS-23/250250springmanualmanualHPS-2/2 A
RPY-2325 EM-PYE 07*163514bench press23YS-23/250250springelectricmanualPYE-07/3/10/3M-RPY
RPES-1015 M-2*160766floor press10YS-10/150150springmanualmanualHPS-2/0,7 A
RPES-1025 EM-PYE07*651059floor press10YS-10/250250springelectricmanualPYE-07/3/10/3M-RPY
RPES-2316 M-2*160780floor press23YS-23/160160springmanualmanualHPS-2/0,7 A
RPES-2325 M-2*160797floor press23YS-23/250250springmanualmanualHPS-2/0,7 A
RPES-2325 EM-PYE 07*243728floor press23YS-23/250250springelectricmanualPYE-07/3/10/3M-RPY
RPY-5015 EM*158992floor press50YH-50/150150hydraulicelectricmanualPY-04/2/5/4M
RPY-5035 EM*157575floor press50YH-50/350350hydraulicelectricmanualPY-04/2/5/4M
RPY-5035 EE*157582floor press50YH-50/350350hydraulicelectricsolenoidPYS-07/3/10/4 E
RPY-5050 EE*159012floor press50YH-50/500500hydraulicelectricsolenoidPYS-07/3/10/4 E
RPY-10035 EM*157599floor press100YH-100/350350hydraulicelectricmanualPY-07/3/20/4 M-RPY
RPY-10035 EE*157605floor press100YH-100/350350hydraulicelectricsolenoidPY-07/3/20/4 E
RPY-10050 EM*157612floor press100YH-100/500500hydraulicelectricmanualPY-07/3/20/4 M-RPY
RPY-10050 EE*158978floor press100YH-100/500500hydraulicelectricsolenoidPY-07/3/20/4 E
RPY-20035 EM*157629floor press200YH-200/350350hydraulicelectricmanualPY-11/3/20/4 M-RPY
RPY-20035 EE*157636floor press200YH-200/350350hydraulicelectricsolenoidPY-11/3/20/4 E
RPY-20050 EM*157643floor press200YH-200/500500hydraulicelectricmanualPY-11/3/20/4 M-RPY
RPY-20050 EE*159142floor press200YH-200/500500hydraulicelectricsolenoidPY-11/3/20/4 E

Code explanation

Valve control : M = manual pump, E = solenoid valve with pendant remote control
Pump : M = manual pump, E = electric pump
Piston stroke : 15 = 150 mm, 16 = 160 mm, 25 = 250 mm, 35 = 350 mm, 50 = 500 mm
Capacity max. : 10 = 10 t, 23 = 23 t, 50 = 50 t, 100 = 100 t, 200 = 200 t

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