Yale Solenoid directional valves VEP

700 bar incl. pressure set valve

Solenoid operated valves are used to control the connected hydraulic cylinder by means of a pendant remote control or further electrical controls like pressure switches or limit switches.


Control principle

All solenoid valves have 3 positions: – advance – stop – retract –

In neutral position (stop) the valves switch to “pressureless circuit“ so that the oil flow is guided back to the reservoir while the connected cylinder is safely held under pressure.

Normally, solenoid valves are mounted directly onto power packs but can also be connected by using hydraulic piping.



Long-life, direct-control ball seal valves with leak-free “load hold function“ in neutral position.

The solenoids guarantee a very quick reaction of the valves so that cylinders can be controlled millimeterwise.  The valves are suitable for continuous operation (100 % on/off duration).


Modular design

The modular principle allows special valve configurations e.g. control of multiple cylinder systems or specific control sequences.


Pressure adjustment

All solenoid valves are equipped with a precision-adjustable pressure set valve which allows the system pressure (force of cylinder) to be limited to any value from 0 to 700 bar.


Pressure gauge

A glycerine-damped pressure gauge GGY-631 is standard with solenoid valves, 0-1000 bar, O 63 mm.


Mounting flange

The valve flanges are designed in a way that valves (with pressure connector) can easily be mounted onto power packs.



The connector model FY-905 is to be ordered separately.

Yale Solenoid directional valves VEP



If oil ports A and B should have 3/8 NPT the adaptor model FY-30 is to be ordered separately.


Technical data Yale Solenoid directional valves VEP:

ControlFor cylindersOperating pressure
SizeOil flow
Oil portsPressure
barl/minP Tkg
VEP-3/3-1*1549943/3-waysingle-acting70011224 V =3/8 NPTyes4.1
VEP-3/3-2*1550073/3-waysingle-acting70022524 V =3/8 NPTyes7.9
VEP-4/3-1*1549874/3-waydouble-acting70011224 V =3/8 NPTyes4.1
VEP-4/3-2*1550144/3-waydouble-acting70022524 V =3/8 NPTyes7.9

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