Yale Hydraulic machine jacks YAS

Capacity 3 – 25 t

Hydraulic machine jacks are designed for the safe lifting and positioning of machines and similar heavy equipment.


  • Integrated hydraulic pump.
  • Pump lever swivel mounted 270° for operation even in extremely confined areas.
  • Same load can be lifted on either the head or the claw of jack.
  • Welded, distortion-proof steel construction.
  • High quality, durable hydraulic components.
  • The flat lifting claw allows low jacking height.
  • The additional connect coupler (10 t capacity and larger) for external pump operation, allows connection of hand, motor or synchronous lifting pumps (max. pressure 520 bar).
  • Safe stability due to swivel-mounted support feet.
  • Sensitive lowering valve for slow lowering of loads without jerks.
  • When operating the jack with an external pump the installation of a manometer is mandatory.
  • The integrated hydraulic pump is protected by a pressure-limiting valve.
  • The jacks are delivered ready-to-use inclusive of carrying handles, hydraulic oil filling and pump lever.

Technical data Yale Hydraulic machine jacks YAS:

CapacityStrokeHeight for applications
min. in mm
Pressure max.Weight approx.

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