Yale High-tonnage cylinders YEHB

Double-acting with hydraulic return,

capacity max. 140 – 220 t

Cylinders of series YEHB are normally used for lifting, positioning or handling heavy loads. The double-acting function allows a faster piston return, even with longer hydraulic hoses.

Lifting and moving of large machinery, steel construction, bridges or similar loads, supporting of buildings and foundations.

Further applications are positioning, weighing, through pressing, stress testing or jacking of all kinds of loads.


  • Operating pressure max. 700 bar.
  • Double-acting with hydraulic return.
  • Generous guiding bands ensure a robust piston guiding.
  • Hard chromium-plated piston.
  • Stop ring as piston end stop.
  • Interchangeable hardened saddle.
  • Dirt wiper protects against dirt.
  • Oil port thread 3/8 NPT.
  • 2 female coupler halves model CFY-1.
  • Mounting threads on request.
  • All cylinders have lifting rings.


Selection charts “cylinder/hand pumps“ as well as travel-speed charts can be found in the catalogue.


Technical data Yale High-tonnage cylinders YEHB:

Cylinder sizeModelCapacityStrokeEffective
plunger area
Oil volume
Closed heightCylinder outside diameterWeight
tkNmmcm ²cm ³mmmmkg 
140 YEHB-140/50140750201100521321053
140YEHB-140/150 1407150201301631821074
140YEHB-140/300 14073002016032478210104
220YEHB-220/50 219950314157123326090
220YEHB-220/150 21991503144712333260120
220YEHB-220/300 21993003149425498260169
340YEHB-310/50 3036504342169251305137
340YEHB-310/150 30361504346506357305189
340YEHB-310/300 303630043413012512305263
430YEHB-410/50 4008505732863275350197
560YEHB-520/50 5114507313653305400197
560YEHB-520/150 511415073110959410400262
560YEHB-520/300 511430073121918566400357
670YEHB-610/50 5987508554276315430342
670YEHB-610/300 598730085525659576430583
880YEHB-830/50 81495011645821335505504
880YEHB-830/150 8149150116417462446505649
880YEHB-830/300 8149300116434925606505858
1100YEHB-1100/50 106445015217603365570696
1100YEHB-1100/150 10644150152122808476570869
1100YEHB-1100/300 106443001521456166365701116

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