Lifting claws, piston plates, base adaptors and extension tubes, load-spreading plates AYS

Lifting claws

In connection with the corresponding hydraulic cylinder a lifting claw represents a compact, lightweight and versatile lifting unit. The lifting claws are screwed onto the collar thread of cylinder series YS. Claws can be placed under loads with minimum clearance.

When operating lifting claws, the following aspects have to be considered: The hydraulic cylinders need to be able to support themselves against the load. The max. force of the cylinder is reduced by 50 %.


Piston plates

Piston plates can be screwed into the piston thread of cylinder series YS. They reduce the surface pressure and prevent the pistons from sinking into the ground. Also when using a piston plate in connection with a lifting claw the cylinder must be supported against the load.


Base adaptors and extension tubes

Extension tubes are mounted onto the bottom of cylinders series YS by means of the base adaptor and two hexagon socket screws (screws are included with the base adaptor). The use of extension tubes adds to the versatility of the standard cylinders.


Load-spreading plates

These load-spreading plates are recommended when slim cylinders are used for lifting operations. They  revent the cylinders from falling over and sinking into the ground.

Robust steel design with carrying handle..

Yale Lifting claws, piston plates, base adaptors and extension tubes, load-spreading plates AYS


Technical data Yale Lifting claws, piston plates, base adaptors and extension tubes, load-spreading plates AYS:

ModelEAN-No.DescriptionSuitable for cylinderWeight
AYS-10*156721Lifting claw, permissible capacity 5 tYS-10/...0.9
AYS-15*156738Lifting claw, permissible capacity 8 tYS-15/...1.3
AYS-23*156745Lifting claw, permissible capacity 12 tYS-23/...3.8
AYS-53*157049Base adaptor, 5 tYS-5/...0.5
AYS-54*157056Extension tube 125 mm, 5 tYS-5/...0.9
AYS-55*157063Extension tube 250 mm, 5 tYS-5/...1.5
AYS-56*157070Extension tube 500 mm, 5 tYS-5/...2.8
AYS-101*157100Load-spreading plate 10 tYS-10/...10.5
AYS-102*156752Piston plate, roundYS-10/... 1.5
AYS-103 *156783Base adaptor, 10 tYS-10/... 0.7
AYS-104 *156790Extension tube 125 mm, 10 tYS-10/... 1.2
AYS-105 *156806Extension tube 250 mm, 10 tYS-10/... 2.2
AYS-106 *156813Extension tube 500 mm, 10 tYS-10/... 3.9
AYS-107 *156820Extension tube 750 mm, 10 tYS-10/... 5.9
AYS-151 *157131Load-spredding plate 15 tYS-15/... 10.5
AYS-152 *156769Piston plate, roundYS-15/... 1.8
AYS-153 *156929Base adaptor, 15 tYS-15/... 0.9
AYS-154 *156936Extension tube 125 mm, 15 tYS-15/... 1.6
AYS-155 *156943Extension tube 250 mm, 15 tYS-15/... 2.9
AYS-156 *156950Extension tube 500 mm, 15 tYS-15/... 4.9
AYS-157 *156967Extension tube 750 mm, 15 tYS-15/... 7.9
AYS-231 *157162Load-spreading plate 23 tYS-23/... 10.5
AYS-232 *156776Piston plate, roundYS-23/... 2.2

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