Yale Special power pack solutions

Hydraulic power pack with protection cage

This power pack is specially designed for general lifting applications in construction areas. Equipped with an optimized valve configuration, including 4-way manual directional valve VHP-4/3-1, safety-check valve VSM-21, pressure relief valve VPR-1 and 2 pressure gauges for permanent load control.


Hydraulic power pack with 4-way manifold MY-44-GYA

The most economic way for a pressure-independent and individual control of 4 single-acting hydraulic cylinders. The additionally mounted safety-check valve VSM-21 avoids uncontrolled pressure drops, and the built-in throttle valve allows a precise (millimeterwise) lowering even of the highest loads. Four pressure gauges allow a permanent reading of the individual loads. On request, the power packs can be equipped with a handy cart-frame to make the operation flexible. This type of power pack can be supplied in all sizes of the PY and PYE series.


Hydraulic power pack with 4-times solenoid valve

The quadruple solenoid valve block ensures a pressure-independent and individual control of 4 double-acting hydraulic cylinders. Solenoid valves offer several well-known advantages such as: ergonomic and safe control

by pendant remote control, exact load hold, precise and quick switch characteristics and many more.


Double-hydraulic power pack

In order to realise very high oil flows, two independent pump systems can be combined in one large reservoir. A gear pump ensures an extremely high oil flow up to 250 bar while the high-pressure stage is generated by a high-performance radial piston pump. Each pump is equipped with its own solenoid control valve so that the individual oil flows can be generated or discharged on request.

Yale Special power pack solutions


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