Yale Mini hydraulic pumps, with compressed air driven motor PAY

Operating pressure max. 700 bar

These mini-pumps are driven by an air-powered motor and can be connected to any supply source of compressed air. These compact low-cost pumps can operate all single-acting or double-acting hydraulic cylinders up to a max. operating pressure of 700 bar.

Due to large reservoirs, large cylinders or multiple cylinders can be operated. The use of an inline air filterlubricator is recommended.

The hydraulic pressure can be infinitely adjusted on the regulator of the air-lubricator unit. The air-driven motor guarantees 100 % explosion protection.

Pumps for double-acting hydraulic cylinders are equipped with an additional 4-way control valve type VHH-4/3. The connected hydraulic cylinder is controlled – advance – stop – return – by the universal pedal, which can be either hand or foot-operated.

Control of cylinder motion

  • Pedal in neutral position – motor stands still, cylinder stands, pressure is held.
  • Pedal depressed – motor starts, cylinder advances, pressure is built-up.
  • Pedal pushed forward – motor stands still, pressure is released, cylinder retracts.
Yale Mini hydraulic pumps, with compressed air driven motor PAY


Technical data Yale Mini hydraulic pumps, with compressed air driven motor PAY:

For cylindersReservoir
Oil pressure
Oil-displacementRequired air
oil portAir portWeight
PAY-6*153270single-acting1.57000.85 up to 0.0875603/8 NPT1/4 NPT6.3
PAY-6-5*160735single-acting5.07000.85 up to 0.0875603/8 NPT1/4 NPT12.0
PAY-64*153614double-acting1.57000.85 up to 0.0875603/8 NPT1/4 NPT7.5
PAY-64-5*160940double-acting5.07000.85 up to 0.0875603/8 NPT1/4 NPT13.0

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