Yale 4-multiple-flow power packs with solenoid directional valves PMF

4-multiple-flow power packs with solenoid directional valves to advance 4 hydraulic cylinders independently and in a synchronized way by means of solenoid valves with a pendant remote control box.

The solenoid valves in connection with safety-throttle valves allow a precise control of all connected hydraulic cylinders.


All multiple-flow power packs are also available with 4-way directional valves in order to operate double-acting hydraulic cylinders model PMF.


Technical data Yale 4-multiple-flow power packs with solenoid directional valves PMF:

Operating pressure
DisplacementManual valveSolenoid valveMotor remote controlReservoir sizeE-Motor
PMF-07/3/20/2 x 3 M*1635212 x 7002 x 0.3200.75 kW-400 V-3 Ph
PMF-07/3/20/2 x 3 E2 x 7002 x 0.3200.75 kW-400 V-3 Ph
PMF-15/3/20/2 x 3 M2 x 7002 x 0.6201.5 kW-400 V-3 Ph
PMF-15/3/20/2 x 3 E2 x 7002 x 0.6201.5 kW-400 V-3 Ph
PMF-15/3/40/4 x 3 M*1578274 x 7004 x 0.3401.5 kW-400 V-3 Ph
PMF-15/3/40/4 x 3 E*1606814 x 7004 x 0.3401.5 kW-400 V-3 Ph
PMF-30/3/40/4 x 3 M*1609574 x 7004 x 0.6403.0 kW-400 V-3 Ph
PMF-30/3/40/4 x 3 E*1609024 x 7004 x 0.6403.0 kW-400 V-3 Ph
PMF-55/3/100/4 x 3 M4 x 7004 x 1.01005.5 kW-400 V-3 Ph
PMF-55/3/100/4 x 3 E4 x 7004 x 1.01005.5 kW-400 V-3 Ph
PMF-110/3/100/4 x 3 M*1639724 x 7004 x 2.110011.0 kW-400 V-3 Ph
PMF-110/3/100/4 x 3 E*1621284 x 7004 x 2.110011.0 kW-400 V-3 Ph

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