Pfaff Wall-mounted rack and pinion jacks ZWW-L & ZWW

Capacity 300 – 10000 kg

Wall-mounted rack and pinion jacks are used for lifting, lowering, pulling and pushing of loads.


  • Robust steel design with precisely machined worm and spur gears for smooth and easy manual operation.
  • Solid steel rack with additional bore hole for fastening of the load.
  • Low wear owing to hardened gearing parts and precisely machined teething.
  • Up to 1200 kg lifting load for pushing or pulling loads are equal.
  • Tensile load in the standard version for the capacities 1500 kg – 10000 kg. Pressure load possible on request.
  • Rigid wall mounting.


  • Improved corrosion protection owing to zinc-plating or special coating of rack.
  • Different rack length on request possible.
  • Symmetrical toothing for model ZWW on request possible.
  • Crank with folding handle for model ZWW-L suitable.

Technical data Pfaff Wall-mounted rack and pinion jacks ZWW-L & ZWW:

ModelTensile or pressure loadRack lengthLiftHand effort
at WLL
WeightEAN Nr.
ZWW-L 300/400 1300600400105.4N01905011
ZWW-L 600/400 1600600400156N01905012
ZWW-L 300/600 1300800600105.9N01905013
ZWW-L 600/600 1600800600156.5N01905014
ZWW-L 1.200/600 11.200800600148.9N01905015
ZWW-L 300/800 13001.000800106.4N01905016
ZWW-L 600/800 16001.000800157N01905017
ZWW-L 1.200/800 11.2001.0008001410N01905018
ZWW-L 600/1.000 16001.2001.000157.5N01905020
ZWW-L 1.200/1.000 11.2001.2001.0001411.3N01905021
ZWW-L 600/1.200 16001.4001.200106N01905023
ZWW 1.500/800 21.5001.090800281140055131
ZWW 3.000/565 23.000975565281940056138
ZWW 5.000/700 25.0001.170700282840057134
ZWW 10.000/700 310.0001.240700405540058009

1 several racks; 2 Sifeku; 3 Siku

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