Pfaff Steel jacks with adjustable lifting claw STW-V

Capacity 3000 – 10000 kg


The design of the steel jack allows for loads to be picked up and lowered from different heights over the entire length of the steel jack.

The adjustable claw is simply set to the appropriate application height in the load bar for this purpose.


  • The claw can be moved to any position on the adjusting rail.
  • The load is supported either on the claw or the head of the steel jack.
  • Robust base plate for a high level of stability.
  • No reduction of capacity on the claw.

Technische Daten Stahlwinden STW-V:

TypTragfähigkeitBauhöhe AHub1GewichtEAN-Nr.
STW-V 151.50072535017*347624*347327*347402
STW-V 303.00072535023*347631*347365*347440
STW-V 505.00072530029*347693*347389*347549
STW-V 10010.00079230046-*347426*347570

1 Hubhöhe = Bauhöhe + Hub

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