Yale Hand chain hoist VSIII

Capacity 20000 kg

brake system used in the Yalelift series is also employed in the Yalelift 360 20 t, setting standards in terms of operational safety and serviceability. The brake is extremely quiet and wear resistant. In spite of its high capacity, the Yalelift 360 20 t features a compact design.


  • All components are made of high quality materials, some components are zinc-plated or yellow-chromated for added corrosion protection. This ensures that also heaviest loads are held reliably.
  • The enclosed robust stamped steel body resists in the toughest conditions and allows outside operation.
  • The hardened load sheave with five precision machined pockets ensures accurate movement of the load chain.
  • The low headroom (hook-to-hook dimension 1010 mm) allows maximum use of the lifting height.
  • The Yalelift 360 20 t is equipped with six chain falls only which results in higher speed and lower weight.


  • Adjustable overload protection device.
  • Chain container
  • Corrosion resistant version


Easy modification from Yalelift 360 to Yalelift IT is possible.
Yale hoists and trolleys are not designed for passenger elevation applications and must not be used for this purpose.


Technical data Yale Hand chain hoist VSIII:

in kg/
Number of chain falls
d x t
Lift per 1 m
hand chain
Handle pull
at WLL
at standard lift
(3 m)
VSIII 0,25/1*665322250/14 x 1250203.9
VSIII 0,5/1*949545500/15 x 1526219
VSIII 1,0/1*9499271000/16 x 18242411.5
VSIII 1,5/1*5938541500/18 x 24173017.5
VSIII 2,0/1*9499342000/18 x 24193219
VSIII 2,0/2*9499412000/26 x 18152917.3
VSIII 3,0/1*9499583000/110 x 30124031
VSIII 3,0/2*9499653000/28 x 24103727
VSIII 5,0/2*9499725000/210 x 3084143
VSIII 10/4**98157410000/410 x 302.843778.5
VSIII 20/8**98158120000/810 x 301.4244.5197
VSIII 30/12**98159830000/1210 x 300.8346.3268
VSIII 50/18**98160450000/1810 x 300.5653.6540

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