Pfaff Electric winch BETA SL

Capacity 250 – 2000 kg

Electric winches of the BETA SL range are used for lifting, towing and positioning of loads.

The proven technology and specified equipment features make the winch the ideal product for standard applications.


  • The electrically released spring pressure disc brake safely holds the load also in the event of a power failure.
  • Powerful three-phase AC drives for multi-range voltage 380 – 420 V, 50 Hz or 440 – 460 V, 60 Hz.
    Motor type of enclosure IP 55, duty factor 40 % ED.
  • Electronic overload protection from 1000 kg lifting load as standard.
  • The maintenance-free, oil lubricated gearbox has quiet running characteristics due to milled and ground gears with helical teeth.
  • Standard rope drum of grooved design, with large rope capacity.
  • Variable rope lead-in.
  • Contactor control (incl. gear limit switch).
  • Complies DGUV Vorschrift 54 (BGV D8)


– Rope pressure roll
Supports the tidy coiling of the rope, especially with high lifting heights.

– Slack rope switch
Prevents unwanted uncoiling if the wire rope is not under load.

– Control switch with 3 m control cable
Greater freedom of movement for the user, better view of the working area of the wire rope winch.

– Frequency converter (SL 1 – SL 3)
Infinitely variable rope speed controlled via potentiometer, control range 20-87 Hz (SL 3 = 20-50 Hz).

The frequency converter allows loads to be moved gently and sensitively.


Additional options and an adaptation for special applications are offered exclusively for model BETA EL.

Pfaff winches are not designed for passenger elevation applications and must not be used for this purpose.


Technical data Pfaff Electric winch BETA SL:

1st layer
Lifting speed
1st layer
diameter 3
rope length
1st layer
rope length
top layer
SL 0**0119122502.540.251Bm/M37.046.7
SL 0**0504982504.740.371Bm/M37.046.7
SL 1**0119295006.860.751Am/M46.748.9
SL 1**0119366306.860.751Bm/M36.748.9
SL 2**0119439806.091.11Am/M411.077.5
SL 2**01195012506.091.11Am/M411.077.5
SL 3**01196720006.8122.21Bm/M310.074.5

3 recommended rope: DIN 3069 FE-znk 1960 sZ-spa

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