Yale Pneumatic chain hoist CPA-mini

Capacity 125 – 980 kg

Pneumatic chain hoists are characterized by high durabil-ity in a great number of industrial applications. The robust but light weight housing allows an easy transport.


  • Working pressures 5 – 7 bar.
  • Rotating piston motor with 100 % duty rating and an unlimited number of starts for continuous operation.
  • Integrated limit switches for highest and lowest hook position as standard.
  • Self-adjusting automatic disc brake.
  • Extremely sensitive control with emergency-stop for a precise positioning of the load.
  • Air release for brake as standard for models CPA 2-31, CPA 5-17 and CPA 10-9


  • All models available with push or geared trolley.
  • Models CPA 2-31, CPA 5-17 and CPA 10-9 also available with chain control.
  • Maintenance unit for main air supply pipe (pressure regulator, manometer, lubricator and support).
  • Chain container.


Automobile and aircraft industries, shipyards, on ships and docks. Foundries, on-/offshore, paint factories and paint shops, refineries, oil depots, galvanizing. Printing, textile and food industries, pulp, paper and cement mills. Glass and ceramic industries, wood working industries, chemical industries, heat treatment and power plants etc.


To ensure faultless operation the compressed air supply must be filtered and oiled!

Also suitable for operation with nitrogen.

Yale hoists and trolleys are not designed for passenger elevation applications and must not be used for this purpose.

Also available in explosion proof version.


Technical data Yale Pneumatic chain hoist CPA-Mini

Capacity /
number of
chain falls
d x p
ClassificationLifting speed
rated load 1
Lifting speed
load 1
Lowering speed
rated load 1
Air consumption
rated load 1
Weight at
standard lift
(3 m)
kgmmFEM/ISOm/min.m/min.m/min.m 3 /min.kWkg
CPA 1-13*911795125/14 x 12.21 Am/M413.
CPA 2-10*911788250/14 x 12.21 Am/M49.817.
CPA 2-31*911801250/16.3 x 19.51 Bm/M331.
CPA 5-5*911818500/24 x 12.21 Am/M44.
CPA 5-17*911825500/16.3 x 19.51 Bm/M316.832.329.62.11.3321.8
CPA 10-9*911832980/26.3 x 19.51 Bm/M38.516.

1 Values for 6.3 bar (flow pressure) and 2 m control drop. Speeds will be reduced in case of longer control length.
Model CPA 1-13, CPA 2-10 and CPA 5-5 hose length max. 12 m, air supply 3/8″ NPT
Model CPA 2-31, CPA 5-17 and CPA 10-9 hose length max. 20 m, air supply 1/2″ NPT.

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