Light crane system model YSK


The YSK-light crane system is based on three optimised steel profiles suitable for load ranges up to 2000 kg.

A good weight vs. carrying capacity ratio ensures maxi-mum suspension distances leading to a reduced number of supporting structure and less suspension components.

The closed profile construction ensures increased durability of the YSK-light crane system as it protects the system against dust. All profiles are surface treated with impact resistant powder coating and can be delivered in full 1-8 meters lengths. Other colours and surface treatments are available on request.

For easy and quick installation all connections are bolt-connections.

The patented trolley is characterized by an extraordinarily low noise level and a rolling resistance of approx 1 % of the moved load. YSK-light crane system brings ergonomic and quality to the working environment.

Light crane system model YSK

Hoist track

The YSK-hoist track is a versatile solution for one-way moving and lifting applications up to max. capacities of 1500 kg.

The YSK-hoist track is designed for easy assembly with standard joint connections and suspensions. It can be easily reconfigured to be adapted for changing conditions.


Light crane system model YSK

Single and double girder crane Low headroom raised construction

YSK-single or double girder cranes with raised construction help are especially suitable for applications where the lifting height has to be maximized. Raised constructions are designed for locations with limited headroom or where a standard construction would not bring the required lifting height.

A system with a raised bridge can be suspended either from existing ceiling construction or from freestanding support frames.


Light crane systemmodel YSK

Single and double girder crane

YSK-single and double girder cranes are user friendly work station cranes. Their coverage is extensive and swinging of the load is minimized as the loaded push trolley centralises itself automatically to the right lifting position.

YSK-single girder crane is the most ergonomic solution due to its three dimensional construction and light own weight. With a double girder crane the load capacity is doubled and lifting height increased as the hoist is suspended from a hoist saddle located between the bridge profiles.


Light crane systemmodel YSK

Articulating supensions

YSK-light crane systems include various types of articulating standard suspensions to mount the crane to the ceiling construction.


Light crane system model YSK

Freestanding support frames

YSK-freestanding support frames are designed for locations where the ceiling is not designed to support the load of the crane. This type of crane is also a professional solution for applications where the crane systems need to be repositioned to suit changes in the layout of the shop^floor.

Light crane system model YSK


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