About us

The COLUMBUS McKINNON Industrial Products GmbH belongs to a global group of companies in the field of material handling. The range includes a wide pallet of hoists, crane systems, load handling equipment and weighing technology, Cable pullers, textile lifting equipment and lashing systems, material handling equipmnt, heavy load moving systems and hydraulic tools sold under the Yale and Pfaff-silberblau brands.

The company is known for its market- and quality-oriented business and product policy. Strong product brands as well as Europe’s leading market position in the area of manual standard hoists characterize the COLUMBUS McKINNON Industrial GmbH.

Historical highlights:

The registered trademark Yale® goes back to Linus Yale jr.

1868 – Linus Yale Jr. invents the cylinder lock and establishes together with Henry R. Towne a factory in Stamford / Connecticut for mass production.

1877 – Yale produces the first hand chain hoist with load pressure brake. The design principle of this brake is today used worldwide for almost all manual hoists.

1904 – Yale establishes its first sales offices in Germany, England and France.

1927 – Concentration of production and sales in Velbert.

1989 – Yale Industrial Products merges with Duff-Norton Company, Inc.

2011 – Change of name from Yale Industrial Products GmbH in Columbus McKinnon Industrial Products GmbH.

2013 – New headquarter for Columbus McKinnon Industrial Products GmbH in Wuppertal.

2019 – Launch of the new Yale.de website

Columbus McKinnon Industrial Products GmbH
Yale-Allee 30
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Fax: +49 202 693 59 – 127
E-Mail: info.wuppertal@cmco.eu